Von Nairobi nach Frankfurt- Winnie

Hope Theatre Nairobi Blog writing starting from last week rehearsals in Nairobi to the Airport in Frankfurt. This is Winnie writing the first blog as the chairperson of the group.

Last Week Rehearsals:

A visit to our rehearsal hall from very prominent people in the political ministry of Germany.

In between our rehearsals we got a show to play about Human rights and police brutality killings in the slums. This is backstage changing for the show.

On our way to Frankfurt:

Our arrival at Doha airport in Qatar on 17th to 18th Feb 2018. It is a very nice airport and we din’t have to wait for long for our next connection. Coz it is so beautiful to look around as we walked slowly until our next connection point at 1:10am yesterday.

Our next connection landed us in Frankfurt airport but with very horrifying moments in the air. We heard the pilot say back to your seats like 10 time within 2 hours and our aircraft was shaking and we thought this is the end of all of us.There were mixed reactions inside with everyone and especially for us that some decided to sleep so that they can die sleeping while some could not sleep but hold each other closely to die safe. After every 10 minutes it stopped and when the cabin crew started survive breakfast immediate they reached like 10 people the pilot could ring an alarm and tell them to take a sit for it is not safe. And some of us because of being asleep awoken at the time of breakfast we did not even understand what menu the cabin crew directed to us and we decided to order something you saw your partner with only to realise later that you did not like that kind of food. But after 2 hours it stopped and we were back to normal again and started narrating the stories of how it felt for each of us.

Then our Boss and Director Mr.Stephan Bruckmeier picked as from the airport Frankfurt after 2 hours and bought us a quick breakfast then we headed for the guest house where we sleep although it was too cold and without Wlan we managed everything well until Monday morning. Thanks that’s the end of my 1 week update. Regards Winnie.


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