1. Woche – Suzie

Hope Theatre Nairobi Tour 2018 had a nice kick off,we played in the Max Planck Gymnasium (Trier) for the very first time our new play „Stop Breathing it can damage your health“…we got a very warm welcoming from the organiser and we also played 2 times that day, it was Excellent🙂 my name is Suzie writing the Blog Week one.


Hope Theatre Nairobi with Judith in Trier eating Africa Chicken and Chips 👍🤗

We also got a chance to do some site seeing in the oldest city of Germany Trier,but the weather was colder because of the wind.

On our way back home our Boss decided to take us for a trip on a highway,the totally opposite way from home,ooh well but it was not his fault the „Woman“from the Navigation machine directed him there😉 then we turned back when he realised that we were lost and we got home safe.

This is BBS Bad Dürkheim…where students from here work 3 days a week and school for 2 days…Wow we could surely use this system back in Kenya, we took this picture after the performance and if u take a keen look at our heads „Hope Theatre Nairobi“ u can see the colourful hats on our head,they were a gift from the nice teacher,because roses will die soon but the hats will stay longer and will keep us warm while we are on tour in this beautiful cold Country🙂🙂

Great Time in Hachenburg (Realschule plus und Fachoberschule Hachenburger Löwe)

In between our free time after the show,the Boss had a very nice idea to take us to a coffee shop so that we could use the Wlan,we have a very beautiful spacious house bt no WiFi and we really need Internet to communicate to our family back home. so on this day everyone got a chance to at least say they arrived in Germany safely.

Schweich bei Trier (Dietrich Bonhoeffer Gymnasium), nice Show 👍 with After Show Talk:

Last day of the week and it was amazing,after a free Saturday,we got invited by one of the teacher we played in her school,privately in her home. For Jakuzi as u can see in the picture and later Sauna it was a very nice and historic experience coz some of us have never been to such a place,we had a nice time at her place with delious food,nice drinks, some fruits later plus tea and coffee for some people…later we were picked up for our evening performance at TUFA its a famous place where a lot of artistic skills are showcased🎭🎪🎬we had a nice performance with great audience then Stephan our Boss drove us home.We are greatful for a great first week☺


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