3. Woche – Monic

This week was a very nice and relaxing week. We started our third week which was on Monday with a performance in a Fairtrade School called WALTHER- GROZ- SCHULE (Albstadt-Ebingen). We drived for almost 2 hours to the school then we started our performance at 9:30am,the show was very success with a lot of energy but the pupils were very shy to come on stage for dancing workshop but we managed to convince them to come on stage so they came and we teach them dance….after our performance the teacher invited us for breakfast for 10 minutes then we went to one of the pupils class for a small discussion about fairtrade….the discussion was really good because the pupils were really interested to know more about fairtrade, after the discussion we took a picture together with the pupils since they were very excited to have us in their school.

On Tuesday we had another performance in a very nice school and very lovely pupils (Heisenberg Gymnasium Bruchsal) We played a climate play and they were very excited and concentrated for the performance,after our performance we split hope theatre members in to 2 groups and we went in their classes for discussion about the play and about Africa,, we had fun together with the pupils and they even ask us if we can play games together and we even tought them one song called JAMBO. We really had fun with them because they were talking good English they were not shy. After the discussions they invited us for lunch and afterwards we took pictures outside the school then we called a day.

On Wednesday and Thursday we were free.😃
On Saturday we were free.
And today Sunday we were also free so we decided to cook chapati. Some were cooking and some relaxing.🤣🤣🤣


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