4. Woche – Moffat

Hallo Moffat here writing this week’s blog. So this was in Vaihingen (Stromberg Gymnasium) on Monday this week the show was nice with Jens although we arrived almost late because of some small missunderstandings on which station to alight. But in the school everything else was fine as usual. We nick named this school THE FLASH MOB SCHOOL. Because after show we always do a quick flash mob with our drums and dances for the whole school.

After a wonderful show and good discussion we were invited for lunch and at lunch we had a chance to met this young boy the chairman of FARA a school based club and gave us a present as you can see in the photo.

Tuesday and Wednesday we went to Tübingen to the „Französische Schule“ where we played and workshopped the whole day…

Before the 2nd show we had time to make a group picture in front of the school at an old train looking awesome.

This was in Tübingen (Französische Schule) . Here we had two shows and both were successful.

Later on we had a wonderful questions and answers session and also small discussion about climate change.

Finally hope team posed for the pictures inside and outside the school.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-02 at 16.38.21WhatsApp Image 2018-04-02 at 16.39.31

Next day we went to St Georgen (Thomas-Strittmatter-Gymnasium) in the black forest. It was a nice show with Milly doing Mother Earth. We also had great workshops with talented dancers.

Later on we were invited for lunch at a good restaurant. The director was very nice and invited us and Michaela, the teacher, invited us already for 2019.

Friday we went to Ettlingen, close to Karlsruhe. The following pictures were taken in Ettlingen (Eichendorff Gymnasium) where we played a great evening show with excited audience…!



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