5. Woche – Nancy

We started the week with good energy and motivated as always. On Monday we went to Neuffen (Realschule Neuffen) and the show was very successful then after we had lunch schnetzel which was very sweet and later went home.

On Tuesday was very great too we had a show then workshop (Evang. Mörike Gymnasium Stuttgart). The show ended very nicely and the students were all exited after we had a break ate lunch then came back for the second program workshop was very interesting because we had to divide into three groups:theatre which was in English and German lines,dance/acrobats and music. The turnout was really great and we all learned from each other after that each group was doing there own show and we enjoyed it. Then the teacher suggested if we can go have some drinks and it was fun.

On Wednesday we had to travel for 3hrs so we had to wake up very early after sleeping for 3hrs in the bus the energy of the show was great and the students were all exited and they wanted more since there were jumping everywhere we enjoyed spending time with them and signing the autograph. (Lobkowitz Realschule Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab)

Thursday was quite different we had two shows in the same school (Edith-Stein-Schule Ravensburg). We managed as always but the first show had some challenges then we had lunch the second show was better than the 1st one.

Friday (Gymnasium Überlingen) we finish the week with a very great energy and did a fantastic job after the performances the school was awarded a certificate of been a fairtrade school. Which was later handed over the principal of the school couldn’t stop smiling because of the good work.

Saturday morning our room was a salon for 2hrs this means „making hair“so l started with Suzy.

Later we had to go for training with the congo people preparation for Easter it was a great feeling meeting them again after 1year everything went on okay the songs and the conversations we had was good later the priest came but he was in a hurry but managed to see what we were doing trust me you don’t want to miss the Easter performances its touching to work with the congo guys because we get to learn from them and they learn from us and that’s the interesting part of it.

Sunday we were free and had time to relax

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