6. Woche – Justine

This is Justine am writing the last week blog. So on Monday was actually free for us I mean no show everyone in the house chilling and then it was winnie‘ s birthday the celebrations starting from cooking, eating, drinking, getting high and dancing almost the whole night. Below is pictures to support the explanation.

Then Tuesday was also very free no activity took place.

Wednesday we had a performance in Köln and a lot really happened both good and bad:

Our bus got a puncture in the front tire in the middle of the highway and we had to stop for very many minutes to get the car fixed it was raining and very cold the extra wheel was also a problem to remove but finally with we got the wheel and fixed it and we reached the show. It was really hectic.

Hope Theatre Nairobi at the Theatre in Köln (Theater im Bauturm) after the show it was really a wonderful show the audience liked it sooo much and we also enjoyed playing there.

Then Thursday we also had one of the biggest show in Karlsruhe. Hope Theatre Nairobi at Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe the show was really nice and the audience liked it so much and after as you can see in the picture we enjoyed the food from the canteen at the theatre.

Peter Spuhler wrote some nice words the next day on Facebook:

„Gestern waren Wirtschaftsstaatssekretärin Katrin Schütz, Regisseur Stephan Bruckmeier und das Hope Theater bei uns mit einem Stück über Umweltzerstörung in Afrika. Lieber Stephan – jetzt kennen wir uns bereits über 30 Jahre: Schön, dass uns unsere so unterschiedlichen Theater-Wege immer wieder zusammen führen. Und liebe Katrin Schütz: immer wieder eine Freude, wenn Du im STAATSTHEATER bist! Kommt bald wieder.“

Then Friday also was free and Saturday everyone was relaxing doing private things and sunday we went to Neuffen to Father Mutombo for Easther rehearsals which went really nice and afterwards the performance which will be covered this week. Thats all from me do enjoy the rest of your week.



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