8. Woche – Winnie

Hello,  Guten Morgen….This is Winnie writing the blog for the second round. On Monday we were in Bonn morning show and evening show. (Aloisiuskolleg) It was „wow“ – Dorothee and all other officials were very cooperative the only problem was the microphones were not working but we managed everything like we always do. The audience was great and we had full hzouse. The food in the mensa was very delicious. And in this school we got a plus for the donation they gave us even money for fuel this is the first time it happened. And one of our members picked 10 euros on the ground just like that it seems that this school plants money or is it because it is a church school Hahaha anyway all in all we liked it in Bonn. And we slept in a good hostel with friendly people too.

Just a little phrase about this organisation Eine Welt Laden they are the people who take their time and energy to organise all the contacts and public relation we do in Bonn without complaining or getting tired they make sure we have full house audience and shows in Bonn. I give you credit Eine Welt Laden.


On Tuesday we woke up very early from Bonn and headed to Frankfurt Ernst Reuter schule 2. The school teacher is always outgoing – she came for us to the gate with open arms to welcome us. Our show was perfect the Technician was on point the audience too and we had our long time friend and trainer in the audience which was a surprise for us. Timo came to Kenya in 2013/2014 and made a play with us and it has been 5 years down the line without meeting but he came to watch our show in this school. We were honoured for that visit.


Then we had a 1 hour workshop with the dancing students of the Reuter school. It was brilliant – very good dancers. We taught them 2 dances.

From Ernst Reuter Schule in Frankfurt after having a very sweet lunch we took off to the Hauptbahnhof to pick Jens coz he was our driver taking from Stephan. With Jens we rolled to Saarland…..Saarbrücken to the house of Africa. The organisers were waiting for us with food already and it was like home back to Africa with music. We ate and talked a little bit and headed to our posh Hotel Meran that has a swimming pool.

Then on Wednesday we had 4 shows but one was cancelled coz of less audience in a school but they had to fix the audience of that day in the other slot. We performed Stop breathing 2 times in the morning and 1 evening show with half audience but very good ones. We did Fair Trade show for them.

Then we went to Gepa Fairtrade shop

We had a Television station with us here at Gepa with alot of shoots and interviews. Later we went to Saarbrücken town and they also took a caption of us there walking and looking at the shopping malls so that they can represent our show obout synthetic fibers.

On Friday we had 4 shows for real it was so tiresome we have never been overworked like this before since we started our tour but all in all everything was so perfect only alot of work should not be covered in a few days this should be changed by saarbrücken organisers.

We also went to circus stadium with Marko who is one of the bosses and we did juggling, rope climbing and plate rolling with a thin stick in the air. Then we changed to the next boss in the same circus we did fire juggling.

That will be the end of my blog this tour. Thanks to Wynnie who invited us to Saarland and all her friends and partners and of course Saarland Television!!!




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