8. Woche (2nd half) – Suzie

Second part of the shared week…Hi this is Suzie.
13th April marked the end of week 8 Europe tour 2018 where we had 4 shows in a row…this was one of a kind because since the group started we never played alot of shows like this on one day..like always everything was good just that it was a little different from what we normally do, because these shows had translations in between as the audience was young and did not understand English but we rocked it😊💪🏽

And in the evening we had a farewell – supper with a last dace performance for our Saarbrücken-partners and friends!

The next day we traveled to a small village in Kehl where the group was invited by a good friend and a partner for lunch, a small walk to the river then later had tea and cherry cake.
We also made some new friends because some people were invited to join us.

And later we had an evening show with great Audience. We also arranged the seats before the performance great team work💪🏽👏🏽👏🏽

We traveled that night and slept in a hostel in Karlsruhe where we spent the night…in the morning we went to Stuttgart and parked clothes for one week then traveled to Ravensburg where we had an evening performance in a church. We were welcomed with delicious cookies, biscuits and Tea/coffee. Pastor Manfred and his wife from USA are very good friends fortm Pastor Achille Mutobmo as we found out. The worls is a big family when it comes to friends of Hope Theatre Nairobi…

After the performance we had dinner then traveled to Dornstadt 2 hours drive from Ravensburg to another friend and partner of the group – kikuna. We spent the night here and in the morning we had a school performance. The group feels much at home in Karins house because the family is sooooo welcoming😊😊 After the morning show, she gave us a little present on the stage like she always does…and this time it was chocolate for each member. We also met a beautiful and talented lady who traveled all the way from Canada to watch us play in the small village in Ravensburg and it’s her parents who hosted us for the whole show and the evening there.

After the show in Donstadt the group got lunch and decided to just relax and get back some power….

After this almost everyone slept.





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