9. Woche – Pauline

Hellow it’s Pauline writing the blog for 4 days. It started very nice on Tuesday morning travelling to Nürnberg (Leibnitz Gymnasium) were we had two shows school performance and evening. In the morning we were fully booked with good audience. Afterwords we went for lunch at an open placeand found some of our audience there… We ate and then went to relax at the hostel thereafter we rocked the evening show as usual, then wrapped the day with a nice dinner.

On Wednesday we had two morning shows at a school in Erbach (Schillerschule)  the welcoming was fun since they were exited even before the shows then they took us for a tour to some of theire favourite parts of the school. These children and youth definitivelly fell in love with us – this is a new long-time – friendship with Hope Theatre Nairobi…

Then the third show was at the University in Eichstätt, where we did climate and I have to admit that this was one of the audience that I will never forget fact being so were very interactive and interested that they made us feel the impact of the play „stop breathing „. We were then invited for dinner with the organisers at an Italien restaurant this was very nice ,then they gave us donation from the audience as a plus we had to directly go to bed because this was a very hard and tiresome day.

This Thursday was relaxing since we had only one show we did the refuge performance and it was a nice stage with full audience.

We traveld to Heilbronn to the hostel and then went for diner we got the wish gift with a letter as a tradition of the Chinese restaurant then wrapped up the day.

Friday morning we performed at a new school in Miltenberg and then we went back to Dornstadt for an evening show both were climate play. As usual we rocked Dornstadt. There we had some invited guests from the organisation ‚Managers without borders‘, the atmosphere was quite fine with some local and fair cocktail arangmet. This made the day special. Our next destination was at Frickenhausen where we spent the night at father Achilles’s house.



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