10. Woche 2. Teil – Moffat

Hello it’s me Moffat writing the blog. Wednesday we had two shows in Wesel at Konrad -Duden- Realschule, one in the morning and one in the evening, both with The Fair Trade Play, Jens was our German Partner again, in the evening show we had guests from Engagement-Global NRW and politicians in the audience.

Thursday evening we played „Auf der Flucht“ in Aachen at the Katholische Hochschulgemeinde. The arrival was funny coz the Navi always brought us close to the address but not directly so we had to park in the neighbour-street and carry all drums far. So we had already the image of being on the run…

On Thursday during the day Dieter Overath come to our Hostel we had a meeting with him, made jokes and got some new information about fairtrade-activities. We discussed a lot and took pictures together. He gave us T-shirts written push Fair Trade👊

And Friday we had a big show in the morning at Städtische Gesamtschule Neukirchen-Vluyn and anther one in a theater. We played „Wasser!“ in a buig school-hall and the audience was really great. We had a perfect sound and a pupils who had interesst and fun with us. After the shows we went to the class-rooms and took hundreds of selfies. We felt like a pop-group… ;-))

Friday evening we played in Wissen, we were invited from Christine, a teacher from Hachenburg, where we played in February in the beginning of our Tour, the wanted us back coz they liked our show so much. We again played The Fair Trade Play. The Show was very nice and we were already booked for 2019!

But after the show our bus broke and we could not drive fast, it was maybe the Turbo, so we went to our house where we could sleep and Stephan brought the car back to Stuttgart (with 10kmh on the highway… Sorry for that…)

Then we had a free weekend…

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