11. Woche 1. Teil – Nancy

Hi, its Nancy writing the blog. On sunday was a free day we spend the day sleeping and washing our costumes.

On Monday morning we travelled via train to Eschweiler (Bischöfliche Liebfrauenschule) where we had a school show. It was the first day we had to use train coz our bus was broke and we got a new buis back on Tuesday. The Show was great and the audience was cooperative. The only challenge was that the videos didn’t work but we could easily manage without the videos. After we went for a small discussion with some students they were very interested and they ask some questions about fairtrade and if fairtrade works even in Kenya.

After the show we travelled to Siegen it was raining and we had to walk from the train station to where the hostel was. It was really tough because it was a long distance walk but all in all we managed. ln the evening we had a small party with the organisers which went on well till late.

On Tuesday was a free day but Robin one of the organisers suggested if we can join them at the 1. May demonstration and do a small performances. The advantage was on our side because it was one way to market the show which will happen on Thursday and the people responded by buying some of the tickets. In the evening Jens came with the new Bus.

On Wednesday we travelled via bus to Bad Homburg close to Frankfurt and we had 2 school shows which went on well. The students were so active. After the performances the teacher took as around the school to show us some pictures of them partnering with a school in Tanzania. They have been working together for some years now and the most interesting part is the Swahili wall. It was a great experience because we haven’t seen that in a German School before. Later we travelled back to Siegen and after 45 mins of relaxing then we prepared our super.


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