12. Woche 1. Teil – Bruce

Its Bruce writing the blog. Monday we woke up in Hochheim early and we travelled with Jens for almost 5 hours were we had our first show at the Gesamtschule in Lemgo. We did The Fair Trade Play and all went well .
Afterwards we had a delecious meal and headed to Frankfurt.

On Tueasday we had a morning show close to Frankfurt, in a school where we were expecting the students to be gloomy and not so interested in our show but it was the other way round they loved it and we had so much fun performing for them, we later had sandwiches which were self made by the students and we headed to the hotel. We later said Good By to Jens Waggon who was with us again for the two days and we took a picture since we will miss him alot☺

Wednesday was the last show on our tour. We had to wake up early at 5:30 in the morning coz we had a long way to go to the North of NRW. We travelled for almost 3hours to reach the Euregio Schule in Rheine, where Hope Theatre was invited since 2014.
We again did The Fair Trade Show and it was great coz the group had alot of derniere suprises on stage. After the show we went to the class-rooms and had a 1 hour talk with the students. It was interesting and also funny. Then we had lunch in the mensa and talked to the teacher Frau Frenking. After chicken with potatoes (a food we like so much) we headed to Bonn where we had been invited for drinks and cake from the familiy of Dorothee Rölli, the teacher of the school we had played some weeks ago. We had a great time with the family as you can see in the pictures everbody was busy with something. We then left for Stuttgart and we arrived really late around 2 a.m in the morning.

On Thursday we were invited by Sabina in Karlsruhe to spent the day with her family. We arrived at her house around 1 p.m were we were welcomed by her friend Carol at the train station. We went to her house and we met up with her family and friends plus a variety of different cakes and drinks. Later the ladies prepared Chapati and stew with them it was really delicious and everybody enjoyed the meal, even the small kids couldn’t get enough of the chapatis.
Later Sabina gave each of us a present and supported the group with a certain amount of money to buy a bluetooth speaker for our rehearsal – hall in Kenya. We then played games and had a good time there.

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