12. Woche 2. Teil – Winnie

The final touches of the blog just like I started writing it. Wednesday was our last show and I start with Friday where I will send pictures of what people were doing as we were free waiting for our day to travel back to Kenya. It was a wonderful free time and a great tour despite some challenges which will never miss whenever a group is staying together.We stayed in a nice hotel very close to the main station Stuttgart Hauptbanhof and our luggage were at Marienplatz in our office close to Rampe. So we decided to take the whole Friday clearing the office and bringing our luggage to the hotel because we had to take the train to Frankfurt and that was easier. It was hard work heeee, coz we had a lot of stuff to organise but we managed with the help of Eberhard Schif who is Kenya Arts Project Treasurer.

This is the free days making our hair and cooking with Ebi:

We were supposed to travel on 13th which was on Sunday and this are the photos of us in the train station and we met a crazy luo friend from Kenya who was totally drunk and confused but was really happy to see us. He even bought us breakfast because he found us already buying breakfast and he insisted of paying. It was a long wait too but it was good coz we were not in hectic and were taking each minute in a slow motion. The train arrived 3 minutes late and we had to walk to our second cabin with all suitcases but we helped each other coz 8 people with 3 suitcases each and a handbag that’s really a lot. People could think that we are in a market.

We even got a goodbye message from Stephan Bruckmeier from Jagsthausen. He had to work that’s why he was not with us the last 2 days. But we got Journey mercies from him.

And now we had to say goodbye:

Inside the train and waiting bay at the airport

We met a Kenyan Air-hostess in the first air craft from Frankfurt and she was really happy to see us. She is the Boss of the other crue and she treated us like business class VIP. We got the first drink even before the VIP! Wow!!!

And this is what I felt like eating when I arrived in my house.



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